Starting a travel blog


If travelling is your ultimate love, you can use this passion to earn money by starting a travelling blog. Though starting a travel blog is pretty easy, creating a successful one is quite hard. This involves investment, this involves work and this involves your time. Starting a professional travel blog requires you to spend money for it and if you aren’t up for this idea, you can always start a small bog for free for your friends and family members.

How to start a travel blog?

Step1: Finding the perfect name for your travel blog

If you want your travel blog to work, you’d need a catchy, wonderful name for it. Make sure that the name of your blog is short and easy to remember. Also, avoid clichéd names for the blog like wanderlust, traveller, vagabond or nomad. These names are oversaturated and so out of fashion. Majority of the names would have already been taken by other users, so you need to come up with a unique, clever name. Try not to use numbers or hyphenation in your blog name either.

Step 2: Pick a hosting website for your blog

If you are not into technical stuff, this might sound scary. But trust us, the whole process is very easy. Hosting sites store your important files, data and pictures which people can view when they enter your domain name. There are various hosting sites but Bluehost is the most popular one. It’s inexpensive and the online support system is quick to resolve any issues. You just need to go to the hosting site’s web page and pick the most affordable plan. After this, you need to enter your chosen blog name along with other necessary details. A 12 months plan would be best for a new user. You can upgrade it easily later.

Step3: Get WordPress

The next and important step is to download and install – not to be confussed woth You can do this easily through Bluehost by selecting the website builders option.Getting a self hosted WordPress account is any day better than getting an account directly through WordPress. You have more control over your blog and it’s files and instead of your blog name being, it’s going to be This also gives you the right to sell space on your blog for advertising to companies. If you don’t know how WordPress works, it’s advised to learn it from some of your tech savvy friends.

Step3: Buying a professional theme for your blog

First impression is important. This is the reason you want your blog to look attractive and beautiful. WordPress offers its users with few standard themes which you can use. But to stand out, you also have the option to purchase premium theme. These generally cost between $30 to $70. There are various sites from where you can buy themes. The theme will greatly enhance the look and functionality of your blog. You can also hire a website designer to create a customized theme for you. Though this process is expensive, it’s a one time investment which is later going to benefit you immensely.

Step 4: plug-ins installation

To make your blog more functional, you can also install various plug-ins. Most of these plugins are free but some of them you have to buy. You just have to click on plug-in and select the add new option to choose them. Some of the important plugins are:

Contact form 7- a contact form is provided so that your followers can contact you

Akismet- To control spam


W3 total cache- to make your blog faster.

5.Fb social widget- so that your followers can add you on fb.

WP to shrink the size of your files.

WordPress SEO by yoast- to make sure that your blog ranks higher on search engines.